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The Acquisition Policy Library contains active Acquisition Letters and Class Deviations issued by GSA's Senior Procurement Executive. This library is maintained and updated by the GSA Acquisition Policy Division within the Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP).

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GSA Document Number Subject FAR
Date Effective
MV-20-10 [PDF - 452 KB] Workforce Guidance on FY2019 NDAA Section 889 “Part B” 08/13/2020
MV-20-09 with Suppl 1 [PDF - 94 KB] Moratorium on Enforcement of FAS Clause I-FSS-639, Contract Sales Criteria, in Response to Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) N/A 09/04/2020
MV-20-07 with Suppl 1 [PDF - 113 KB] Contractor Onboarding and Offboarding During Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) N/A 05/13/2020
MV-20-06 [PDF - 145 KB] Promoting Responsible Innovation through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program N/A 03/27/2020
MV-20-04 [PDF - 3 MB] Lease Offeror Registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) 02/12/2020
MV-20-03 [PDF - 10 MB] Retention and Deletion of Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Clauses
MV-20-02 [PDF - 2 MB] IN-depth Feedback through Open Reporting Methods (INFORM 2.0)

MV-19-04 [PDF - 263 KB] Contract Requirements for GSA Information Systems
MV-15-02 with Suppl 1 - 2 [PDF - 9 MB] Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM), Implementation of the FAC-P/PM-IT Core-Plus Specialization, Extension of the Deadline to Obtain FAC-P/PM-IT Core Plus Certification
MV-11-07 [PDF - 288 KB] Emergency Warrant Authority with Attachments A and B
MV-10-01 w Suppl 1 [PDF - 1 MB] GSA Art in Architecture Program
V-06-07 w Suppl 1-5 [PDF - 9 MB] Continuation of FSS Acquisition Letters

GSA Document Number Subject FAR GSAR Date Effective
CD-2021-01 [PDF - 233 KB] FAR and GSAM Class Deviation - Public Buildings Service Limited Authority for Ten (10) Year Operations and Maintenance Service Procurements When Using Schedules



CD-2020-19 [PDF - 338 KB] Limitations on Subcontracting for Small Business Concerns 10/01/2020
CD-2020-18 [PDF - 279 KB] FAR Class Deviation - Implementation of the United States - Mexico - Canada Agreement (USMCA) FAR , 08/12/2020
CD-2020-17 [PDF - 315 KB] GSAM Class Deviation: Contract Authority for a Ten (10) Year Period for the ASTRO Program 08/14/2020
CD-2020-16 [PDF - 350 KB] FAR Class Deviation: Exception to the Maximum Quantity Requirement for the ASTRO Program FAR , , , 08/14/2020
CD-2020-15 [PDF - 103 KB] GSAR Class Deviation for GSA’s Lease Acquisitions and CSOs - Prohibition on Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment 08/06/2020
CD-2020-14 [PDF - 345 KB] FAR Class Deviation - Enhancing Competition at the Order level for Certain Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Multiple Award Contracts FAR 16.501-3 08/14/2020
CD-2020-10 [PDF - 224 KB] FAR Class Devation - Assignment of Claims and Notary Requirements FAR , 04/15/2020
CD-2020-09 [PDF - 204 KB] FAR Class Deviation - Raised Ceiling for Progress Payment Rates 04/27/2020
CD-2020-08 [PDF - 437 KB] FAR Class Deviation - Accelerated Payments to Small Business 04/10/2020
CD-2020-07 [PDF - 166 KB] FAR and GSAR Class Deviation - Suspension and Debarment Action Meetings FAR , GSAR 04/22/2020
CD-2020-06 [PDF - 208 KB] FAR and GSAR Class Deviation - Public Interest Noncompetitive Congressional Notification

CD-2020-05 [PDF - 183 KB] FAR and GSAR Class Deviation - Flexibilities for Signatures and Seals on Bonds

CD-2020-04 [PDF - 173 KB] FAR and GSAR Class Deviation - Flexibilities for Debarring Official Notification to Contractors


CD-2020-03 [PDF - 1 MB] FAR Class Justification (Contract Terms/Conditions) & Determinations and Findings for the City Pair Program 01/13/2020
CD-2020-02 [PDF - 1010 KB] GSAR Class Deviation - Economic Price Adjustment Clause for Deregulated Electric Supplies 03/27/2020
CD-2020-01 [PDF - 140 KB] GSAR Class Deviation - Clarifying the Government’s Rights Under the Commercial Items Clause 12/04/2019
CD-2019-14 [PDF - 315 KB] GSAR Class Deviation - GSAR Clause 552.216-70 Economic Price Adjustment—FSS Multiple Award Schedule Contracts 10/25/2019
CD-2019-13 [PDF - 8 MB] Conditional Approval of Class Deviation to FAR 16.505 in Support of the GLS Support Services Contract 06/20/2019
CD-2019-12 [PDF - 2 MB] FAR and GSAR Class Deviation—e-Marketplace Provider Acquisition for the Commercial e-Commerce Portals

Dự đoán xổ số Tây NinhFAR , , , ,

CD-2019-11 w Addendum 1 [PDF - 7 MB] FAR and GSAR Class Deviation - Prohibition on Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment , GSAR 552.204-70 08/13/2020
CD-2019-06 [PDF - 2 MB] FAR and GSAM Class Deviation, Streamlined Procedures for Acquiring Utility Services from Regulated Utilities
CD-2019-01 [PDF - 831 KB] FAR and GSAM Class Deviation, Limited Authority for 10-Year Operations and Maintenance Service Contracts
MV-16-04 [PDF - 85 KB] FAR Class Deviation, Cost Realism Analysis for Multiple-Award IDIQ Contracts 09/23/2016
SPE-2015-11-17 [PDF - 1 MB] FAR Class Deviation, Contractor Performance Information for Utility Services 11/17/2015
SPE-2015-03-06 [PDF - 1 MB] FAR Class Deviation, Exemption for Mandatory Sources from Business Case Analysis 03/06/2015
SPE-2013-08-12 [PDF - 536 KB] GSAR Class Deviation, Incremental Funding (Limitation of Government Obligations (LoGO)) 08/12/2013
SPE-2011-07-06 [PDF - 205 KB] FAR Class Deviation, Project Labor Agreements
SPE-2011-06-03 [PDF - 207 KB] GSAM Class Deviation, Discounts for Prompt Payment 06/03/2011

GSA Document Number Subject Date Effective
SPE-2020-11 with Suppl 1-4 [PDF - 3 MB] Class Determination for Exception for Non-availability for Trade Agreements and Buy American Statute Clauses 12/10/2020
SPE-2020-10 with Suppl 1-4 [PDF - 183 KB] Purchase Exceptions From the AbilityOne Program in Response to COVID-19 12/10/2020
SPE-2020-08 with Suppl 1 [PDF - 224 KB] Guidance Regarding Acquisitions and Contracts for GSA Essential Critical Infrastructure Activities and Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 04/02/2020
SPE-2020-06 [PDF - 2 MB] Preparing for Potential Acquisition Performance Impacts Due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) 03/12/2020

Last Reviewed: 2020-12-10